Yo-yo Hayabusa Duncan

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Duncan has dispatched its new Duncan Hayabusa™ yo-yo (Model 3596XP) for the offstring player. Duncan's Hayabusa, Japanese for Falcon, was developed by Duncan Crew Japan. 
Designed for the intermediate to professional offstring player, the Duncan Hayabusa provides four different spacers enabling the offstring player four different gap settings, and the ability to create twenty different gap settings with additional Duncan spacers.

The Duncan Hayabusa includes three different response systems, including the new 3-hole recessed system. Also, a brand new response system for Duncan, silicone stickers, will be added to the package.
A set of friction stickers is also included.
With overmolded rims and winged shape, the Duncan Hayabusa is Duncan's widest yo-yo to date.

Profil: Butterfly
Weight (g): 69.00
Width (mm): 46.83
Diameter (mm): 65.30
Gap Width (mm): 2.60
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width): 5x10x4
Gap Type: Fixed
Stock Response: System Tapered Gap
Matériel: Acrylic.
Type: Off-String.

Prix à la pièce.

Ce yo-yo est fourni avec une ficelle déjà installée. Mais, il faut savoir qu'une ficelle a une durée d'utilisation d'environ 10 heures, puis il faut la changer. Nous vous conseillons de commander également les Ficelles de rechange pour yo-yo, vendue par set de 6 ficelles, que vous trouver en cliquant ici.

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