Manipulator Tumbler Top Hat 59cm Black

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The Juggle Dream Topper has been specially shaped and weighted for hat tricks. It is completely symmetrical and made from three layers of wool, giving the hat enough weight for throws, rolls, spins, and tumbles while making it extremely durable. These hats are of exceptional quality and can withstand numerous drops and the rough use common in juggling.
While some argue that it may be slightly more challenging for certain tricks where the hat rolls end over end (e.g., back tumbles), it is actually easier for others (e.g., arm rolls), and the top hat provides a very different aesthetic that may better suit certain characters and costumes.
Please note that these hats are all handmade, so sizes may vary slightly from hat to hat.
To determine your size, measure around your head (just above your ears) with space for 2 fingertips inside the tape.
Size: 59cm
Color: Black

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