Lady Alice by Hurrican (en)

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Lady Alice a game of investigation and deduction for the whole family !

Description :

London, 1878 - Henry Morton Stanley, the famous explorer, has just been kidnapped. In his room, a mysterious inscription: Remember Lady Alice. You know part of the solution. Impress Sherlock Holmes by gathering other evidence to reveal the culprit.

Aim of the game :

Solve the mystery of Stanley's kidnapping

Rules of the game :

Each investigator knows one of the pieces of evidence. During his turn, he shares his suspicions and everyone secretly notes if the evidence in their possession is part of this proposal. Then everyone can, if desired, bet on the different elements of the investigation, or even, if they are certain, attempt an accusation! Lady Alice is a little bit the unseen son of Cluedo and Mastermind, all with a pinch of bluff.

Content :

1 game board, 1 spiral notebook, 32 cards representing the clues, 4 sets of nine Deductions counters, 28 business cards, 4 Verdict folders.
Assets of the game.

Logic, deduction and bluff are the ingredients of this simple and fast game, which will reward the smartest of the investigators.

Author : Ludovic Gaillard
Illustrator : Jean-Marie Minguez

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