Self-Shuffling Deck Duvivier

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You take your deck of cards out of its case. Then, you spread it face-up on the mat to display an ordinary deck of cards.
Once the deck is leveled, you place it face-down to the side. You proceed to shuffle the deck, mixing the cards face-up and face-down (first effect).
In an instant, all cards are turned face-up again. At this point, you mention the card on top of the deck, the Queen of Hearts, and perform an impressive gesture with the deck. When you spread the cards, the entire deck is composed of Queens of Hearts (third effect).
You then make a gesture to show that the deck is normal again (fourth effect).
To prove its normality, you spread the deck of cards from the back to show that there is nothing extraordinary (fifth effect).
Finally, you place the deck of cards back into its case, tap it on the table, and reveal that the design on the case has folded (sixth effect).

Once the trick is over, the deck is ready to be immediately repeated.

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