Diabolo LED-Kit Vega X2 Henrys white

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Instructions for use: HENRYS VEGA X2 LED module:
HENRYS VEGA X2 is suitable for HENRYS Diabolos Vision, Circus, Beach and Jazz. Our Diabolos with translucent half-shells achieve the best effect.
The VEGA X2 is fitted with soldered, rechargeable NiMh batteries. Delivery includes two light modules, assembly material, and a charging lead. The charging lead can be connected to a commercially available, adjustable universal power adapter. Since such power adapters are already available in many households, we decided to forego including such an adapter. Adjustable plug-in adapters with different plugs can be purchased relatively cheaply at consumer electronics stores.
Colors (LEDs): white.
Edge length: ca. 4cm
Weight: ca. 45gr .

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