Aether Prism Smoke UL

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The all-new Aether is incredibly light and beautifully balanced to perform in the lightest breezes when your regular kites are grounded. It responds to fingertip inputs with a lively precision that’ll give you confidence to explore graceful stalls, flat spins, axels, fades, and all the core maneuvers that form the building blocks for more advanced combinations.

If you’ve never owned a kite that flies in the light stuff you’ve got a treat coming. And if you’re working on more advanced tricks there’s no better way to improve your touch and finesse than flying in light winds. Flying with fingertips on the line and just a breath of wind gives you sensitivity and touch that’ll supercharge your skills.

With a light but forgiving all-carbon frame, 1/2 oz polyester and Mylar sail and all the details you’d expect from a high end Prism kite, the Aether makes light winds a joy and will take your dual-line game to a whole new level.

The Aether will be delivered without kite lines.

Skill Level : Expert.
Wing Span : 203cm.
Wind Range : 1 - 15 mph (3 - 20 kmh).
Speed : low/medium.
Pull : Light.
Frame : Dynamic DT10 wrapped tapered lower spreaders, 4 mm pultruded carbon leading edges and spine, 4 mm carbon upper spreader, 2 mm carbon standoffs.
Sail : Mylar laminate & ripstop polyester.
Flying Lines : No inclued.

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