Jazz Prism V2 Inferno (R2fly)

CHF 72.00

The Jazz is the perfect intro to the addictive fun of dual line kiting. Simple, rugged and affordable, the Jazz outperforms every entry level kite in its class and flies with the ease and control of a larger kite. Take a look under the hood and you'll see all the details that have made Prism the world's leader in sport kite design. From the hybrid Carbon/Fiberglass frame to the injection molded fittings to the adjustable bridle, nothing has been forgotten, and all with a fit and finish second to none.
Traveling with with space at a premium? Not a problem with the Jazz! It easily folds down to a very portable twenty-five inch length. Just pack it away in its handy travel case along with the lines, winder and handles, and no matter your destination you'll be set up and ready to fly in seconds.

This kite is part of our selection "stunt kites for beginners":

- Dimensions: 158x75cm
- Wind: Force 2 to 5 (Beaufort)
- Sail: Ripstop Nylon
- Frame : Hybrid Pultruded Graphite/Fiberglass
- Comes complete with Polyester lines (2x25 m x 38 kg) straps and travel case.

Ready to fly!

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