Livre Cerfs-volants de Sport

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Sport Kites - New Plans, Buggies, and Boats is intended for the experienced kite flyer.
The book reviews the latest developments in sport kite flying and presents eight new kite designs, accompanied by step-by-step construction guidelines, detailed diagrams, and photos.
Buggy piloting, the most exciting aspect of 'Power Kiting,' is prominently featured: imagine yourself sitting in a three or four-wheeled vehicle, speedily towed along a beach by a high-tech kite! These same kites also replace sails for lightweight catamaran sailing. Construction details for these kites, a buggy, and a catamaran are included in this book.
For the most enthusiastic kite pilot-builders, there is also computer software including two cutting-edge programs: a team flight simulator and a template tracer; this diskette is sold separately.
Book only available in French

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