Walking Globe 75cm 16kg blue

CHF 477.00

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The first Walking Globe with a silicone plug that allows to fill it with sand and increase its weight and stability. An fundamental tool for the teaching balance principles.
This giant globe, a dream for all kids, it's extremely robust (the thickness of the polypropilene shell is over 1 cm!) and can be used both empty, and over-weighted by pouring sand inside. This will increase its stability and facilitate the approach to this very important didactic discipline making it safer and more fun!
With a weight of 16 kg and 75 cm in diameter, our Balance and Walking Globe due to its extraordinary visual impact, it's also perfect for professional use.
By adding only 2 kg of sand you can easily place it exaclty where you want it to stay even on sloped stages without influencing its behavior during use.
The unique matte suface finish provides a really elegant look and great grip.

To be picked up on site (delivery not included).

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