Mr Jack Expansion by Hurrican (en)

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Mr Jack Expansion :
To use this expansion you must possess the base game Mr Jack.

Description :

Mr Jack Expansion introduces, for the payers who have already surveyed the streets of Whitechapel, 5 new characters with astonishing abilities…: Madame, a "refined" lady who is nobody's fool; John Pizer, an imposing and intimidating butcher; Joseph Lane, an anarchist barricade-builder; Abberline, a tenacious police inspector; Spring-heeled Man, a mysterious and flighty character.
2 joueur - dès 9 ans - 30 min.

Aim of the game :

The goal of the player who plays Jack is to escape the investigator before dawn or to leave the district by taking advantage of the darkness. For the player who is "the detective", his goal is to uncover which investigator Jack is impersonating and to catch him before dawn.

Rules of the game :

The game is played for a maximum of eight turns, according to same rules as the basic game. Each character, when it is activated, must move and/or use their special ability. The symbols on the cards make it possible to tell, in a simple way, the special ability of each character and when the power must or can be used.

Content: tokens in five different colour, with one side suspect and one side innocent, five Character cards with green back, five Alibi cards with red back, one token Barricade, one Game rules.

Assets of the game :

With a daring placement of the characters on the board at the beginning of the game, and a different set of characters each game, whether you are Jack or the Detective, you have in your hands the means to surprise your opponent!

Authors : Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc
Illustrator : Pierô

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