Club Play Vegas PX4 deco europ blue

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The VEGAS PX4 club has a longer handle and a shorter body, with the center of gravity slightly shifted towards the head. This makes it better suited for tricks such as rear crosses and flats.
The wrapped handle is made of soft-touch plastic, providing an ideal grip even when sweating or conditions change. Compared to the smooth handle, it is slightly thinner at the end, which is particularly useful when starting with three or more clubs in one hand.
Outdoor use, especially on asphalt, is not recommended. Ideal for stage performances or gym training.
PX4 is made of slightly flexible extruded plastic, making it more affordable and incredibly durable. It is very consistent in weight compared to wooden-core clubs, so you can be sure that all your clubs will weigh exactly the same down to the last nanogram.

Size: Length 52cm. Ø 8cm.
Weight: 220 grams.
Body Length: 28cm
GRIP Length: 24cm

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