Ball Play TT1 67mm. teal

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Rewarded by our relentless curiosity to try out new materials and technologies, we have recently succeeded in creating a twin sister of our legendary MMX, but with a special heart featuring formidable characteristics.
The brand new TT1s are filled with special micro plastic balls that make these balls unique in terms of pleasantness of touch and durability.
It's hard to go back using balls filled with traditional millet seeds after trying the micro spheres.


Unlike seeds, which crumble over time, reducing their volume and leaving the ball 'emptier', microspheres cannot be broken, maintaining the balls' consistency and softness over time. This also allows the balls to be reused indefinitely instead of being thrown away at the end of their life.
Some people are allergic to millet seeds while the plastic balls are totally hypoallergenic.
The micro spheres measure 0.8 mm in diameter and are all identical and perfectly spherical. Thanks to this characteristic the spheres slide beautifully together, accentuating the soft feel of the balls.
The 67 mm MMX filled with millet seeds weighs 135 g, the 67 mm TT1 weighs 130 g, making it 4% lighter.

Size: Ø 67 mm.
Weight: 130 gr.
Materials: plastic filled with plastic micro spheres
Tips: ideal after 10 years old and juggling with less than 7 balls

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