Play Kendama wood 18,5cm green

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PLAY Kendama
Easy to learn, hard to master
PLAY Kendama Logo Kendama is a Japanese wooden toy, which has a unique look and feel. Manufactured from finest beech wood, it consists of a handle (ken) and a ball (dama) on a string. The Play Kendama is exclusively manufactured according to the standards of the Japanese Kendama Association in order to guarantees that measures, weight and quality are met.

Different ways to play and 1000+ different successive tricks offer the player continuing challenge and advancement and thereby lasting fun for old and young. Playing Kendama improves endurance, concentration and coordination. The Play Kendama is tested by the TUV to guarantee european toy safety standards. It comes with an illustrated English instruction manual.

Measures & Weight:
Height: 185mm.
Width: 70mm.
Ball diameter: 60mm.
String length: 400mm.
Ball (dama): 75g.
Handle (ken): 75g.
Total: 150g.

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